Preneed Planning

We highly recommend pre-planning.
In fact, we know from experience; “It’s One of the Most Thoughtful Things You’ll Ever Do...”

Preplanned funerals eliminate much of the burden from survivors at a time when it is extremely difficult to concentrate and make decisions without emotion coming into play.

You and your loved ones will benefit in many ways when funeral arrangements are made before the time of need. By discussing plans in advance, you can take all the time you necessary to make decisions about the type of funeral and disposition you feel most comfortable with.

There are several facets involved in preplanning. Any or all of these can be incorporated into a preplanning scenario. These include background and history information gathering, selection of service & disposition preferences, selection of merchandise and other service related specialties and financial considerations including establishing a FDIC Insured Funeral Trust to cover the necessary expenses
and, if applicable, to deal with assest protection in regards to Medicaid applications.

We have put together a preplanning booklet which allows you to compile the majority of the necessary information in the privacy of your own home.

We find that preplanned funerals tend to run smoother and have a more positive effect on the family & friends of the deceased, because a preplanned funeral allows family to devote more of their time and energy towards putting together a lasting tribute to their loved one.

You are never too young or too old to preplan… Call or email us, we will gladly discuss any facet of preplanning and get you started on the preplanning path. You and your family will be glad you did.

All preplanning services are available without cost or obligation.